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Current Software versions

Point of Sale Version 11.0.2

Head Office Evolution Version 11.0


Ramsys Retail Management

Allspoke Ramsys support

Retail, hospitality and service point-of-sale, centralised and consolidated head office, application with everything your business needs. Whether you are hospitality businesses with one location, a chain of 200 retail stores,

online business or FMCG distributor, we provide and support solutions to help you run your business - from large multinationals to local and regional - no matter the size!

Born in 1993 Ramsys was developed to answer the need for central control and reporting. Unlike other systems Ramsys was initially developed for a large multinational chain meaning out of the box it supported centralised cloud communications long before it was the norm.

Ramsys consists of 2 parts, a fast, reliable and easy to use Point of Sale and a centralised, cloud based application providing consolidated reporting and control.

desktop and mobile version of Ramsys
Ramsys Head Office Evolution

Cloud Hosted or Self Hosted Application for centralised maintenance, control and Reporting.

Ramsys Point of Sale

Point of Sale for business with 1 or more stores 3 editions supporting Retail, Hospitality, Service, Repair with Centralised Management and Reporting.

Important Retail KPIs for Retail Businesses
Accesible from all locations

Head Office Evolution

Important KPIs for Business

The retail industry is one of the most competitive in the world. To run a successful business one must be constantly aware of trends and performance of stock, promotions and staff.

Each factor is often described as a key performance indicator, or, KPI. Ramsys provides constant and up to date representations of all KPI's required to maintain competitive advantage.

Accessible from All Locations

As the Head Office Evolution product is on the cloud your information is available anywhere. Point of Sale data is saved locally and automatically synchronised to ensure backup, centralised reporting without sacrificing security, performance and stability if the internet fails.

Point of Sale

Ramsys maintains 3 separate editions:

Enterprise – for businesses (1 to 47,000 stores) looking to exploit the Head Office Evolution centralised management and reporting

Premium – for single store business, does not support Head Office Evolution, updating to Enterprise is simple and seamless

Hospitality - for businesses 1 to 47,000 stores, Head Office Evolution centralised management and reporting included, supports recipes and modifiers

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