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Complete Retail Management experience backed by 30yrs experiance


Ramsys POS may be purchased by an upfront cost. A small maintenance and support contract provides upgrades, and support.


Alternately it may be covered by a reasonable OPEX monthly payment covering licence,

upgrades, backup and support.

all you need in one place

Ramsys is available in 3 editions: 

Enterprise consists of 2 parts, a fast, reliable and easy to use Point of Sale and a centralised, cloud-based application providing consolidated reporting and control.

Premium is the POS only able to run a single site without the need for Head Office.

The hospitality edition supports hospitality functions and may be used in conjunction with both enterprise and premium editions.

cloud connectivity

The cloud is now common place for many applications. Because of the fault intolerance, performance demands and connectivity requirements to other applications Ramsys employs a local database which is automatically sync'd to the on cloud Head Office database.


Head Office Evolution

Important KPIs for Business

The retail industry is one of the most competitive in the world. To run a successful business one must be constantly aware of trends and performance of stock, promotions and staff.

Each factor is often described as a key performance indicator, or, KPI. Ramsys provides constant and up to date representations of all KPI's required to maintain competitive advantage.

Accessible from All Locations

As the Head Office Evolution product is on the cloud your information is available anywhere. Point of Sale data is saved locally and automatically synchronised to ensure backup, centralised reporting without sacrificing security, performance and stability if the internet fails.

Point of Sale

Ramsys maintains 3 separate editions:

Enterprise – for businesses (1 to 47,000 stores) looking to exploit the Head Office Evolution centralised management and reporting

Premium – for single store business, does not support Head Office Evolution, updating to Enterprise is simple and seamless

Hospitality - for businesses 1 to 47,000 stores, Head Office Evolution centralised management and reporting included, supports recipes and modifiers

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