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Allspoke is a software development house specialising in Retail, Hospitality and Service Solutions.
Home of The Ramsys Retail Management system and Business Objects we also provide custom programming and data manipulation services. 

We work with you and your incumbent suppliers to find the best solution - minimising business risk and maximising efficiency.

Do you have any questions? Check out frequently asked questions or get in touch with us here and we will get back to you shortly.

Allspoke Ramsys support

Ramsys Retail Management 

 The solution to helping you run a successful and profitable business. 

Born in 1993 Ramsys was developed to answer the need for central control and reporting. Unlike other system Ramsys was initially developed for a large multinational chain meaning out of the box it supported centralised cloud communications long before it was the norm.

Ramsys consists of 2 parts, a fast, reliable and easy to use Point of Sale and a centralised, cloud-based application providing consolidated reporting and control. 

Head Office Evolution

Cloud Hosted or Self Hosted Application for centralised maintenance, control and Reporting.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale for business with 1 or more stores 3 editions supporting Retail, Hospitality, Service, Repair with Centralised Management and Reporting.

Keyboard and Mouse

Business Objects

A fully functioning application for running a home/SME business.

Business Objects supports:

Service Management, Warehousing, stock items, purchase orders, stock received in, customer orders, picklist picking, conversion of picklists to invoices, extraction of invoices to Xero/MYOB.

Data is stored on secure cloud servers.


One reasonable monthly fee covers the application, maintenance, support and upgrades.

Business Objects

Custom Applications

We are able to develop custom applications for you.

Using our cloud database and development tools we can have working applications created very quickly and within a reasonable budget. These applications can be standalone or interfaced into current systems to provide extra functionality.

Drivesure Register
Drivesure is one of New Zealand's premier vehicle certification operations. The responsibility for ensuring vehicles imported into the country as well as those heavily modified is taken very seriously.
The use of shared spreadsheets was becoming cumbersome and unrealistic. To this end, we developed a register application for the companies multiple sites using a common cloud database. Data is now recorded efficiently and in a timely manner providing management with the information they need and meeting the compliance obligations of the company. 

Animates required an application to provide easy, instant access to historical data. The Animates application was developed to meet this need. Years of historical data is now stored on the cloud. This data is secure and available to relevant users easily and quickly. This application can be expanded to encompass extra functions required by the business as it develops its system and 

Custom Applications



Converting data into formats that help you understand, analyze, and present information.

Allspoke recently assisted a multinational charity organization with its migration from a legacy system to Microsoft CRM.

Although Allspoke did not develop the legacy or the new system we were able to retrieve the data from the old flat-file database used. This data was then massaged, errors corrected and stored to an Azure database for them in a format usable by the new application.

Data Conversion
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