Ramsys Shopify Integration in just a few easy steps

Shopify is now the leading e-commerce platform designed for businesses of all sizes. To this end Ramsys has a custom direct feed to and from Shopify.

Connect your Ramsys POS with Shopify and get a complete omnichannel solution in just a few easy steps. Ramsys will sync the following between it and Shopify:

Shopify Stores mapped to Ramsys Locations

Stock items - All stock will be created in Ramsys and fed to the web store. - It is possible to flag an item as being available online or not. - It is also possible to have a different retail than in store and between channels if desired. - Ramsys can then sync new items, update changes and keep the website abreast of any stock level changes. - Ramsys can also record and sync product dimension details for calculated shipping rates.

Customers - Out of the box Ramsys comes with a full featured Customer Relationship Management module. This CRM is integrated right into the very heart of the system and seamlessly touches all relevant facets of the business. These customers can be matched to the Ecomm customers. Contact details and reward balances (if applied) are feed to and from the e-comm site.

Gift Vouchers - Ramsys has complete gift voucher tracking to ensure rewards are traceable and secure while providing exposure reporting. Gift vouchers could be bought and redeemed both online and in store.

Sales - Sales Orders made online would be downloaded in Ramsys as Ecomm orders. These orders become picklists which are picked and easily converted to sales. The customer can be advised via email by Ramsys each time the status of an order changes. Here at Allspoke it is business as usual so feel free to contact us if you are interested in Ramsys-Shopify integration options. For a limited time this service is free of charge for current customers, (under normal circumstances, the Shopify module is available as an add-on). To enable please contact the help desk at support@allspoke.com.

For more information please see our help document.

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