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Founder of Allspoke

Mark Stratton is known by co-workers and customers alike as the go-to person who can and will help. Mark understands that clever people need information and that information needs to be clear and timely, quality information is not the same as the quantity of information.

All About Mark

Business Analysis, Sales, Staffing, Development, GUI considerations, Documenting, Installation, Training, support, network infrastructure (local, national and multinational), 3rd party liaison and coordination, you name it, he has done it. The bulk of this was done for 2 global companies in the process of phenomenal growth; both are now household name success stories.

Having seen technologies evolve and change, Mark has evolved and changed, giving him a very solid in-depth knowledge of processes and technology. Honing an adept ability to identify useful technologies to gain competitive advantage, spearheaded many inceptive technologies. Not distracted by the latest fad or what is shiny and new unless it can assist the business. 

Mark headed a team of talented developers and support staff where everyone was required to pitch in as they boxed very successfully well out of their weight grade, thriving on the excitement and challenges involved at every level of every project. As a result, Mark produces top-notch work through his dedication to making sure each and every piece stands out from the crowd.

The ability to juggle projects and never miss a deadline didn’t just develop through Marks professional experience. It also comes from having 3 daughters – all with very different personalities, activities, schedules and demands. It was adapt or die trying to be flexible and get things done without losing the practicality.

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